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All4Horses, Inc.
7 Cross Timber Road
Barrington Hills, IL 60010

Welcome to All4Horses located at our farm in Barrington Hills, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles west of Chicago. Barrington Hills is an equine community where all different riding disciplines are practiced and the adventurous can ride and experience some of the most beautiful trail systems. All4Horses is owned by Holly Jauch whom based upon her desire to bring the right horse and rider together surrounds herself and the company with only the most experienced staff. The company's foundation is based upon a belief that riding is a love affair, the bonds of the relationship secured through mutual respect and understanding between horse and rider. The harmony of the partnership can be achieved by allowing the right horse to choose it's rider, as does the rider choose their horse. Enough about where we're located and the beliefs of the company, what do we really do?

All4Horses buys and sells European Import Horses. Although that is a simple statement and gets to the bottom-line, the process we follow of doing so is not quite so succinct. We take pride in the fact we import some of the best European sport horses utilizing a very methodical and expertly advised search process. Our search encompasses an expanded criteria including but not limited to physical soundness, mental stability, athletic ability, blood line history, and last but not least, great disposition. It is a given we all want a physically sound, beautiful horse, and certainly one that doesn't spook or least not often...but, let's not forget the desire to find a companion, a true partner. Thus, we look only for those horses possessing the willingness and commitment to work along with those exhibiting the desire to form human companionships. Once imported, the horse is provided with a staff dedicated to their overall well-being, from physical care through training development. We provide only the best to the best.

Holly has personally learned the importance of purchasing the right partner. She started the company with 4 horses, the purpose...all for horses. Through her history she has learned the mistakes of listening to others when in her heart and for that matter her mind, she knew the horse purchase was not good for her or the horse. She also knew that many times, the failure of the rider meeting the goal of winning the ribbon or even staying mounted had a lot to do with the "match" of the rider and the horse. If it doesn't feel right to the rider obviously it doesn't feel right to the horse.

We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience by reviewing our website pictures and videos. Please contact us to find out more about the horse you find of interest and also if you like, to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your interest.